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Een bibliotheek voor IEDEREEN

Vind je het belangrijk dat jouw nieuwe gemeentebestuur ook na 2018 blijft investeren in de bib?


Crossfit Holthem - Area 9450 - Haaltert

Crossfit Holthem is the new kid on the block. We're bringing Elite Fitness to Area 9450 (Haaltert, Kerksken, Denderhoutem). Help us get started. Register today and become one of our 30 founding members! #30FoundersOfHolthem

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Publiek Centraal zoekt ruimte!

Inspirerende workshops vragen in inspirerende ruimten. Help jij om ze te vinden?

Santé Energie verte Allimentation Entreprendre Inclusion Social

An urban farmer in Gaza

One urban farmer brings food and safety in a middle of Gaza, Palestine.

Allimentation Entreprendre Economie circulaire

Beer from the sky

Turning rainfall into beer and helping the city of Amsterdam manage the excess precipitation.

Santé Allimentation Inclusion Social Quartiers

Common garden as a community space

The residents of Tulsa (Oklahoma) turned an empty pool into a community garden, making a valuable adition to their city.

Santé Allimentation Entreprendre

Out of our own backyards

Establishing an alternative food chain that helps local farmers and brings fresh and organic food straight to consumer's doors.

Entreprendre Inclusion Social Quartiers

Transforming old infrastructure

Residents transformed an old hospital complex into a space for living, working and community gathering.

Inclusion Social Quartiers

Citizens building their neighbourhood

Residents of Peckham (London) took the urban planning in their own hands.

Entreprendre Inclusion Social

Refugees made an app to help other refugees

A team of refugees in Berlin are developing an app to help others navigate the German bureaucracy,