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30 Founders of Holthem - Crossfit Holthem

Crossfit Holthem is the new kid on the block. We're bringing Elite Fitness to Area 9450 (Haaltert, Kerksken, Denderhoutem). Help us get started. Register today and become one of our 30 founding members! #30FoundersOfHolthem

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45 days to go

DE THUISCOACH – Thuis blijven wonen met advies

Thuis blijven wonen kan langer en beter dankzij de thuiscoach. De thuiscoach komt gratis aan huis bij elke oudere die op zoek is naar hulp of advies over thuis wonen.

Food Social economy Circular economy

Beer from the sky

Turning rainfall into beer and helping the city of Amsterdam manage the excess precipitation.

Campagne "vitesse"

La vitesse excessive ou inadaptée est en cause dans environ 30% des accidents mortels ! Même si elle n’est pas à l’origine de l’accident, elle peut représenter un facteur aggravant puisqu'elle augmente fortement la violence des impacts.

Techniekacademie laat kinderen kennismaken met techniek en technologie

Van woensdag 13 september tot en met woensdag 6 december 2017 kunnen leerlingen uit het vijfde en zesde leerjaar in de Techniekacademie Aalter kennismaken met techniek en technologie.

Slow care on a fast bike à Bruxelles

Aidez-nous à acheter de nouveaux vélos et tire-lait. Soutenez les nouvelles mamans et les patients bruxellois et aidez-nous à délivrer des soins à domicile plus écologiques à Bruxelles !

Huh? Omnisourcing?

Huh, omnisourcing?

Well, not everything is in money. Find some examples how people can help.


A time to listen, time to consult, time to help…It is one of the most precious resources one can offer.


Everyone is good at something. Other people’s expertise is a tool we can help you unlock.


Time of circular economy is now. If you need a gear, material or a venue – there is always someone who can offer it.



You will still need some money. No worries, we can help you here as well!.


Nobody can do the change alone. A strong network is behind every success.

5 stages

Get closer to your dream in 5 steps


Make your presentation. If you inspire and convince us, we will contact you and help you plan your next steps.


Reach out and spread your ideas. By making your profile, you will be able to find others who believe in your project and are ready to join in. Let them know what are your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Crowdsourcing coach

Omnisourcing is new and unknown. But you're not on your own. Our crowdsourcing consultants stand by your side. Together you will work on your pitch, decide on what you will really need, prepare a communication plan and find your crowd.


It is the most exciting phase! After weeks of preparing, now is the moment of truth. Share your dream with the whole world and deserve the support you need.



Just as every professional cook has to taste the meal to know if it’s good, you too have to test your work. Is everything going according to the plan? Do you need to adjust? This is the time to reach your full potential.